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Port – our dashboard for translators

Lingo24’s Port acts as a central dashboard for Lingo24 translators to quickly view and manage their work.

If you accept a task it will supply you with a purchase order. The dashboard displays information about the specifications of the task, customer requirements and timescales, when the job opens and closes, and if there are any reference materials and specific guidelines to be followed.

To help you, either as you translate or check and edit your task, you will be supplied with a Style Guide from the client. Style Guides and other reference materials are an integral part of the localisation process and help guide you towards delivering the perfect content, with the suitable target audience in mind.

If the client does not have their own Style Guide you will be asked to follow the standard Lingo24 Style Guide.

Once you’ve accepted a task you’ll be ready to start working in our CAT tool (Coach).

Coach – our computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool

Work with Lingo24 is performed in our online computer-assisted translation system, Coach. We’ve built Coach to make it easier to translate content at scale, and with the aim of building features that support the joint delivery of projects for our clients.

Coach aims to provide a secure environment that meets the needs of enterprise customers. It is designed to aid our translators to perform their work consistently with the key capabilities expected from a modern CAT Tool so they can deliver more efficiently.

Built with the help of translators, Coach brings together the key language assets we hold on our clients’ behalf (i.e. Translation Memory, Glossary, and Machine Translation) and provides a wide range of features including:

  • Work prioritisation and progress tracking – allowing you to prioritise what matters.
  • Customisable real-time quality checks and warnings – providing you with support to deliver against the client’s quality profile.
  • Spelling and grammar checking models – including client and custom dictionaries that you can edit and augment.
  • Terminology module – which enables consistency to the client’s preferred terminology (with context) as well as allowing for you to make suggestions back.
  • Adaptive Neural Machine Translation that learns from your edits – removing those frustrating repeated mistakes and delivering output that helps, not hinders.
  • In-context preview for many of the key file formats – so you can see beyond the words.
  • Productivity boosters to help you work and collaborate more efficiently (i.e. propagation, alphabetic segment sorting, commenting, advanced search and filter options).
  • Automated notifications and alerts – helping you keep on top of your tasks without the need to keep checking the system.
  • Customisable key mappings and profile settings – so you can make the tool fit you, not the other way around.

Coach is integrated with the other components of the Lingo24 platform to streamline work including our online client portal, Ease (providing real-time quoting and secure management of content for our customers), and our translator portal, Port (allowing you to accept/reject tasks, view client and project instructions, and the jump right into the content).

We continually update Coach to add new features based on feedback from our teams, and you can learn more about the system.

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