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For translators, receiving the next job can sometimes be unpredictable. The fast-paced industry we’re all a part of dictates an ever shorter reaction time to available jobs. According to the McKinsey Global Institute analysis, on average, 28% of work time is spent on email: receiving, reading, composing and sending. At Lingo24, email has been central to the way our translators receive and respond to translation jobs.

The volume of content worldwide is increasing, and so is the content that Lingo24 is receiving for translation every day. So, we needed to improve the time it takes for PMs to allocate the jobs to our translators and for our linguists to respond.

Following a successful trial period, we’re implementing a new system called Direct Offering for all orders.

What is Direct Offering?

Instead of sending you emails to discuss tasks, we’ll simply send you the task offer along with all of the task details and the purchase order in Port, helping to reduce the time we all spend reading, sending and receiving emails.

How will this change how we work together?

We developed this system after we received feedback from our linguists that you, and consequently our PMs, spend too much time emailing. This change should make our work process smoother, more flexible, and most importantly, easier to accept or pass up a task.

Instead of emailing back our PMs, you just need to accept or decline the task offer. It will be enough to let us know whether you can take on the task.

How do I get jobs through Direct Offering?

If you are an approved translator for Lingo24, you will receive the Direct Offered jobs in Port. The only thing still going to your inbox will be the notification from Port.

This is part of our Information Security Management System (ISO27001), for which Lingo24 is certified. As part of this, you won’t be sent source files via email and will only be able preview the text once you accept the task in Port.

If you can complete the task by the deadline, simply accept the task offer in Port as soon as possible. Once you accept the job in Port, you will see the links to the task in Coach in the task stages table, and you’ll have access to any instructions in the Client and project instruction section.

Once you have accepted a task, you can use the Preview functionality in Coach to view the source and target text, including any Translation Memory matches or Machine Translation (where this has been applied).

If you cannot complete the task by the deadline, simply decline the task offer in Port as soon as possible.

If you cannot meet the deadline but would like to find out if we can change the deadline for any tasks for this client, please email the PM from the contact us by email button on the task card.

If you have accepted a task and then feel that the content is not suited to you, please email the PM immediately. Simply click the contact us by email button on the task card. We will withdraw the task from you and update your profile so that we do not offer you unsuitable tasks in the future.

Remember that we might withdraw tasks if anything changes and that time frames vary by client and content. Withdrawn tasks will be updated in Port instantly.

How is this easier?

  • You can access all the instructions in Port.
  • You can access Coach through Port.
  • You can set your unavailability in Port, which means you won’t be getting tasks while you’re away.
  • You can still email a PM with any questions if you need to.

This will apply to the majority of jobs you take on from Lingo24. We may, however, still email you for more complex jobs or non-standard situations.

You can always tell us when you’re not available to take on tasks by marking yourself as unavailable in Port. You can add multiple unavailable blocks in Port to account for any holidays or breaks you wish to take.

Log into Port, select Availability, and in the Add dates section pick the from and to dates to select the timeframe.

Help link to the topic:

All instructions for this task will be available in the Client & Project instructions field on the task in Port. This includes short text instructions and instruction files (client handbooks, style guides, etc.).

We match our translators to tasks based on your translator profile using key factors, including your skills, experience with clients, and experience with the source file subject matters. This ensures that we offer you tasks that are a great fit for you.

All tasks are Coach linked tasks (indicated by the orange link icon).

Once you have accepted the task offer in Port and logged into Coach, you will see the stages for these tasks listed in your In progress and Pending intrays on your My Work tab.

Any Port task with an orange link icon will not be available in Coach unless you have accepted the task offer in Port.

You can use the Contact us by email button on the task card at any time to get in touch with a Lingo24 PM.

If you haven’t accepted or declined a task offered to you, and we are unsure if you will be able to complete the task by the clients’ deadline, we may withdraw the task offer. To avoid this, please accept or decline tasks promptly.

Yes, we send four types of emails from Port:

  • Tasks offers & withdrawals*
  • Task updates
  • Tasks ready to invoice
  • Invoice emails

*We will always email you about task offers and withdrawals.

If you log into Port, select Account, and then select User account, you can choose if you want to receive email notifications for task updates, tasks ready to invoice and invoice emails.

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